Friday, March 30, 2018

Lucky to be alive.....

We have reported many fatal incidents involving firemen putting out bin fires. Too many. Here is a recent story that could have easily resulted in a fatality.

Firefighters took action one morning in late 2017 in Italy at a foundry for the fire that broke out in a box where the residues of aluminum castings were deposited.

The firemen, arrived with two vehicles, have extinguished the fire that broke out in the caisson and provided after cooling to remove the material with the aid of a spider. The rescue operations ended after about 4 hours.

We are glad no one was injured in this incident. It is our recommendation for bin fires containing aluminium products to be smothered with sand or a similar suitable material. Only as a last resort should water be applied. If water has to be applied, it should be applied from a distance of 10+ meters.

The Aluminium Times had an article about fire extinguishers and having enough firefighting supplies on hand if an emergency occurs. It can be downloaded here.

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