Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Arlo Aluminium holds fire extinguisher training. Great Job!

Every facility in our industry has numerous fire extinguishers. The Aluminium Plant Safety Blog has posted incidents where workers made a bad situation worse when using fire extinguishers. Why? Well, possibly the workers were either not trained, or did not follow their training. We recommend that aluminium companies first make the decision on whether their workers should fight or flee when a fire occurs. We acknowledge that question is further complicated by the size and severity of each fire. Regardless, if a company decides that there are instances where employees are instructed to fight a fire proper training is required. In addition the training should be done on a regular basis.

Here is a great story that was sent to us via a social media platform of an aluminium company in the Philippines that had fire extinguisher training for their workers:

Actual fire extinguisher exercise drill @ Arlo aluminum company inc. Pasig City.

The Aluminium Plant Safety Blog congratulates Arlo Aluminium company of undertaking a fire extinguisher training for their employees. When was the last time that your plant had fire extinguisher training? If you cannot remember by a count of 3, then it has been too long.

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