Monday, January 22, 2018

"second-alarm fire at an aluminum plant ......"

Hydraulic fluid is used in many different types of machines and moveable equipment in our facilities. The Aluminium Plant Safety has posted incidents where hydraulic fluid caught fire. Here is a recent incident.

Firefighters are responding to a second-alarm fire at an aluminum plant in the USA, according to 911 dispatchers.

Dispatchers told the local television station the scene is active. Firefighters were called to the building just one late afternoon during the week of January 14, 2018.

According to local fire personnel, the fire was contained to one machine which was burning paint solvents and hydraulic fluid. The second alarm was called due to the fact that it was deep in the facility and extra manpower was called as a precaution.
There are no reports of injuries at this time.

We are glad no one was injured in this incident. This incident could have gone from bad to worse very quickly.

We wonder if there is an economical reason (i.e., cheaper) on why plants prohibit the use of flammable hydraulic fluid? “The decision to purchase a higher-priced FRHF(flammable resistant hydraulic fluid) is perhaps analogous to our income tax dilemma this month; you don't want to pay it, but the alternative is worse, say Robert Gere and Thomas Hazelton, Quaker Chemical. Those individuals wrote an article titled, “Rules for Choosing a Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid”. It is well done and can be found 

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