Thursday, February 22, 2018

"30 workers were able to get to safety...."

Evacuation plans should never be diminished in your plant. Here is a recent incident where 30 workers followed their evacuation plan to safety.

Around 30 workers were able to get to safety. The fire was quickly extinguished with the support of volunteer fire departments. No one was injured, according to a spokesman for the Salzburg Aluminum Group (SAG).

The fire broke out at 11.30. "In one of our halls, there was a technical defect that led to the fire in the exhaust system," said SAG spokesman to the APA. The fire could be extinguished in a few minutes. Because of the heavy smoke, the hall had to be vented. "After about one and a half hours, the labor inspector confirmed the freedom from smoke, the work could be resumed."

A fire expert will still clarify the exact cause of the fire. The amount of damage was not known for the time being. In action were the volunteer fire brigade Lend with the fire engine Embach and the volunteer fire department Taxenbach with the firefighting trains Eschenau and Högmos.

We have posted too many incidents where workers became lost and disoriented during an evacuation. The Aluminium Plant Safety congratulates this company on the safe evacuation of their employees when the fire broke out.

On our plant visits we will ask workers when was the last time they participated in an evacuation drill? If the worker cannot immediately tell us, we know that the plant should have a drill soon. Only through evacuation drills can plant workers know where to go when an emergency occurs. Here is a link to evacuation planning and drills information.

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