Wednesday, May 11, 2016

12 fire departments fought fire for four hours...

Small fires can easily become large fires in our industry. Here is a recent story of a small fire that became a huge fire and only because of the skills of over 12 fire companies did this business survive:

Firefighters from several departments are using extra caution battling a 3-alarm industrial fire at a Germantown warehouse in Wisconsin, USA.

It broke out around 8 one morning during the week of May 8, 2016 at Rheocast Company near Clinton and Mccormick Drive.

Firefighters were there for over 4 hours.

Primary and secondary searches of the approximately 38,000 square foot building were completed.

More than a dozen fire crews from all over and as far away as Milwaukee are assisting.
Germantown Fire Chief said when they arrived there was lot of black smoke coming from the roof. Officials said due to multiple vats of molten steel and aluminum in the building, roof operations were dangerous and firefighters had to be careful while fighting this fire.

The fire is confined into the area between the ceiling and foundry. This is happening inside a company that produces and manufactures aluminum and brass die castings.
The chief says there is a lot of Styrofoam and rubber in the roof and the fire was going horizontal.

While the fire is primarily under control, there are still some serious risks firefighters are facing. The cause of the fire under investigation.

No one was hurt.

The loss as a result of this fire has been estimated at $125,000.

The Aluminium Plant Safety Blog wishes that this foundry is able to continue production and the physical damage can be repaired quickly. We congratulate the fireman for the brave work in putting out this stubborn but growing fire.

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